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07:45 My nose is running. Am I getting the flu after all? /”You’ve stolen my blanket.”/Playing in my head: Radiopuhelimet: Myyn pääni. // 8–>9 SURPRISINGLY, I am the first one awake. /The dogs are trying to learn to play nicely. Touho doesn’t like Viki trying to fuck him all the time. Playing in the radio: Feelings, oh-oh-oh…


9–>10 The huge traditional Rojola family Sunday brunch / THIS TIME berry soup & muesli, mushroom salad & sardine & Präst cheese & pickles & cherry tomato sandwiches  with extras, 3 cups of coffee with cream // 10-12 Sunday morning cartoons: Cow & Chicken, Futurama, Family Guy & King of the Hill / and a quarter of a box of chocolates in about a minute / lil bro still sleeping!

12-14Family Guy is cr*p, so I ask my mum to teach me how to fix a glove instead /back and forth etc. / you can make the stich stronger like this // 12-14 The frost ain’t biting at all as coldly as yesterday.

14-16It’s not every year the sea freezes here in the west coast, so one must profit from it. / There is not a sound to be heard. I make an angel in the snow. A trace that is to disappear. // 14-15 The most difficult decision on a Sunday is whether to have a nap or not. / J has woken up! (after 12 hrs of sleep)

15-1715-16: Om nom nom. Oven-made milk pudding (milk of a cow that has freshly delivered!) / OJ / Potatoes, pork mash, mixed salad, carrots & peas // 16-17 In the distant corner of my parent’s garden: Look, a deer has slept here / The snow has melted where it laid

16.50 Dog Patrol Touho & Viki in guard // 17.10 A FOX detected in neighbour’s field!


At six we take the crowded bus from Laitila to Turku. Touho does not approve. / Well I couldn’t draw in the bus, so this part’s been drawn later on. // 19-20 Of course we couldn’t make it to the 7 p.m. train. Both me and the dog are becoming really tired. We manifest it in different ways. /Grr… wow wow wow! /Shh…

20-2220-21 The female ticket controller does not get barked at. So apparently Touho is only afraid of the men in uniform. /Where do they still get the energy to play?


22-23 So happy to get back home. / The sea’s frozen! // 23-00 I guess this one’s out for now. Goodbye, internets.

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